I have my husband’s ashes on top of his bookcase. Is this strange? I had a feeling that some of his family were expecting his ashes to be buried. I feel a degree of comfort that he is still here. One day when I die I think I want us to be scattered together somewhere.


Not weird atall, lots of people keep the ashes x


Not weird at all, many people on here have the ashes at home. My partner’s are at home and will stay there until I decide what to do with them. As far as my family are aware, they will be mixed with mine and scattered, when that time comes x


Not weird at all . Some people are not ready to let go and others find it too hard. It’s a very personal experience and only you will know when it’s time and that may be never .
My Mum wants her ashes sent off in a firework ( I miss her amazing humour) we found a company and her birthday is November 4th so it’s a perfect time to honour her wishes. I’m sure some people will find that weird but honestly who cares! Grief is hard enough without taking on judgments of others :heart:


I have my partner and my daughters ashes in a glass cabinet with some memorabilia. I feel scattering them means letting them go and i have no idea when ill be ready. Its not weird so don’t mind what others think because he would be with you in life…

Take care

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Not weird at all. I made two trips to the local crem and decided I wanted my darling husband in the garden with me. So I got a lovely bird table and buried his ashes underneath in an airtight container. My boys know that when I go he will be brought up and mine and his will be placed in our special place together. So glad I made this decision. I didn’t want him in a field full of strangers I wanted him in the garden close to me our children and grandchildren. I know it’s not for everyone but it works for me.

Much love
Georgina x