Ask For Help

After struggling on for years and my partner dying of covid in November and losing our home officially this week I contacted the mental health crisis team. I have lost me in all the caring somewhere. I have reached out in desperation and am feeling on the road to nowhere at the moment. Caring takes over your life. Missing Julie so much and so many complications going on, so, ask for help… It is out there and I hope I can survive all this. Love to all Lizzles xx

Hi lizzles
Soŕry you have lost your husband.
Good you have contacted the crisis team.
Losing a partner is a painful stage and a road that nobody can lead you to get out. But you are not alone in this club there are lovely people who can understand those feelings and in some cases they give you advise because they have passed similar circumstances.

The life change and paper work seems endless.
It is sad to hear that you are losing your home which would add more stress.

Have you talk with citizen advise, or a lawyer, social services so you are not homeless.

Have you asked for the bereavement support payment

Take care try to sleep xxx

Not easy as we were partners of same sex and not in any kind of legal relationship! Anyone out there in a remotely similar situation make it legal

Hi. Lizzles

Hope you are feeling better.

Try yo eat and sleep.

Well even if your were partners of same sex should not affect uour legal rights.

Unfortunately i dont know anybody in that situation
But i know a couple of neibourghs
One brother was living eith sister in council flat
She was register and rented the council flat from the council.
She died. Council asked tge brother to leave but this man did not leave and ask lawyer to deal with council.
This man knocked every door asking everybody to sign that he was living jn the flat with sister.
Council alow him to stay n flat.

In 2020 another neibour was leaving with his brother.
Brother died. He wrote to the council that he was living with his brother for few years. It took him about 2 months but council alowed him to live in the flat.

Try to talk with lawyer in citizen advise
Normally they can tell you the phones of lawyers for free advise.
Dont lose your house.

Take care