Attended inquest today and feel sadder

I attended my partners inquest today and I feel deeply saddened. I was with him for 31 years and he was my soul mate. He died in a climbing accident when we were on holiday. I was not with him when it happened so closure has been difficult. His relative attended the inquest with me and felt that I should be moving forward. He died 7 months ago. I have gone back to work and try to resume activities like walking and going to the cinema. However, I feel a darkness in my thoughts and sadness due to the loss. I miss him so much and the inquest has brought this out even more so. I have had bereavement counselling. Are these feelings normal.


Hi I’m sorry for your loss and having to go through an inquest, it’s only a short time that you lost your soulmate and grief is exhausting emotionally and physically, I lost my husband five months ago and have gone through some dark times and this is quite normal, it’s such a massive loss, at times I still feel quite numb and can’t describe feeling anything, I like going out in the rain or the cold because at least I can feel that, mainly my heart is heavy with intense sadness but I’m starting to venture out and am not too socially anxious but I’m lucky my sister comes with me, most of all be kind to yourself and take each day at a time, it’s a horrible road we’re taking hugs xx

Thank you so much for your kind words.

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Dear Diane

I’m so pleased MAB has answered your message. Sharing your grief with another is always special as you have seen for yourself. In your case it’s natural for the inquest to have awakened feelings you thought you had worked through. It will pass, truly.

As a volunteer for Sue Ryder, I’d like to suggest you look at our grief counselling service which may be of help. Keep communicating Diane, you are in my thoughts.

best wishes

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they are all normal and having to go through an inquest must be so hard and difficult by bringing the whole thing back
but at least you are getting some help take care and ook after yourself


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