Attending Family Events after losing my Mother

I lost my Mother in Oct 21 after a brief and very unexpected battle with Cancer. In general the event has brought me & my close family much closer together, but I now have a massive issue with attending any family related events that I feel my Mother should still be at and as a result find them impossible to attend, despite knowing in reality that Mam would rather I went too…:weary::weary:
Any advice about how to deal with this please?

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Dear @SteveT184

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and that you are struggling.

Have you thought about letting your family know how you feel? Perhaps you then could attend the family events for a very short time to start with.

It will be hard to start with but your mum will always be in your heart wherever you go, you could raise a glass to your mum each time you go to a family event.

Please continue to reach out and take care of yourself.


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