Anybody else still up? Lost my lovely husband of 37 years nearly 5 months ago to a sudden heart attack. Stay up late and can’t sleep. Find myself brooding and upset. Contain it when people are around. Family around in the day but mostly alone at night, when they go home just me and the dog …. That’s when everything sinks in. He’s not coming back :cry:. Sandra


Hi , I lost my twin sister in December 2020 , the grieving as only just come out in me at Christmas which was the first anniversary , I wasn’t sleeping so was put on sleeping tablets and antidepressants tablets they have both helped me , I’m sleeping better , I’m also having counselling which as helped me talk about her as I just bottled it all up , Maria b

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I am so sorry for both of you because last night I found it hard to go to an empty bedroom. Some nights I really have to force myself. It’s not good. Take care Sxx

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