Back here....again! 😥

Well I never thought I’d be back here again so soon! :disappointed_relieved:

I lost my dear Dad in Aug 19 after a sudden deterioration in his health, then seven months later my lovely Mum passed away, in surgery, in Feb 20 and I was really struggling to cope. I saw an item on tv regarding SR bereavement counselling service and with the encouragement of my partner, Paul, I got in touch. The Counsellor was excellent and I began to feel so much more at ease with my feelings.

Sadly I find myself back in the same position because I lost my beloved Paul unexpectedly in April this year and I’m absolutely devastated.

Paul was rushed into hospital in January with ‘three life threatening conditions’ as quoted by his Consultant. He had pneumonia, ‘severe kidney failure’ and blood cancer, later diagnosed as Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

He had dialysis for a week and his kidneys were then able to function on their own and strong anti biotics kicked the pneumonia into touch. He coped really well with his first and second rounds of aggressive chemo but sadly on returning to hospital for his third (less aggressive) chemo it all went wrong and he passed away at the end of April.

Due to Covid restrictions I was unable to see him in person since January and although we spoke two or three times a day on the phone I am not coping at all. His funeral was delayed until June 1st due to Coroners Inquest and Celebrant availability. :sweat:

I have some very supportive friends but they’re working (I’m retired) and have families of their own to deal with. I have no children. I just can’t believe I’m never going to see my Paul again, I feel so lonely and I’m just not coping well at all. :disappointed_relieved:

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Weemee, I am blown away with what you have had to deal with and I personal know the pain from chemo and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma because that happened my soulmate. It’s horrible because you think it’s working then goes and kills the one you love.
Please by all means get counselling either here, the support team that you had, your GP or direct to Cruse. For some people like us who haven’t got family around it’s extremely useful, just talking to someone about your loved one. Posting on here or writing about them and how you are feeling, helps. It’s a tough hard life and no matter what, you don’t expect it nor want it but losing your loved one and the pain is hard to deal with. My thoughts, prayers and blessings are being sent to you. Be careful and look after yourself.
S xxx

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I am so sorry that you have to endure yet more grief after losing parents as well. I can only begin to imagine how that must impact again. I lost my dad 10 years ago and my mum has dementia, so I can’t get support from her, and my husband died suddenly 3 months ago. I know it is so hard so I hope that you have some support in the form of family or friends, if not, talk to your GP and try to get some counselling- here or with Cruse - and keep posting. Sending hugs

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my wife passed suddenly 2 months after miraculously recovered from sepsis( 1 week in intensive care unit ); I walked with her doing exercise with her everyday and she was in good progress; without warning she left me because of another illness. Life is so cruel.

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I am so sorry for your loss and in particularly when you both felt life was being good to you both. Life is very cruel at times, please take care of yourself and remember the good times because they are the ones that get you through these tough times. Blessings being sent to you. S xxx

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