Back to square one

I thought that I was getting better - a kind of acceptance, more optimistic about my future without my beloved Philmore. Since yesterday I have been back to square one - just crying on and off and cannot see any future without him. I miss him so much ( over seven months that I lost him) and I have no idea how to carry on without him. I have problems with my landline on top of it and cannot speak to my friend in Germany. I think the batteries of the handsets are not working but I ordered new ones and they will come tomorrow. Hopefully, the problems are just the batteries. I also have to change the light bulb in my living room - not sure how to do it. I have no one who can help me with it. But I am sure that I will manage. 2023 is such a nightmare year for all of us. Sending love and hugs to everyone.


Sorry you’re having a a rough day. I’ve had to learn so much since my husband became ill. You tube is great to show you how to do things.


I looked up the videos on YouTube so I could change the printer cartridges after the ink ran out. I have to use the ladder to reach the lamp in the living room and I am not good with heights. But I will take my time to change the bulb so I will be ok. I am more concerned that my landline phones are not working at the moment but hopefully, I can use them again after changing the batteries tomorrow.

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@Annaessex grief really is a rollercoaster. I thought I was doing better, then about the 4/5 month mark I had a major setback. I seem to be back on a more even keel again but fully expect to take a dip again at some point. It’s our anniversary in October and not sure how I’m going to cope with that. I really feel for you not having any one to help with problems around the house. These things are certainly sent to try us. I dread things breaking down but I at least have a son in law who can help. I hope you manage to sort your household issues without to much trouble. Sending hugs.


Don’t get me started on printers… I wanted to launch mine out of the window. I often say to my husband that he can’t die as I can’t deal with that bloody printer!