Back to work tomorrow

I am due back to work tomorrow. I lost my husband of 40 years in May. Couldnt face work before this. It is going to be hard but i am going back on phased return which will help. I cant sleep tonight though unfortunately and know it will be even more emotionally draining if i am tired but here i am wide awake knowing i need to sleep. I am hoping work goes ok. I need to go back i think but am considering early retirement if i can.


Yes good luck I have retired years ago but felt like I hadn’t in some ways as when my husband died I had to work to wind up all his work even though it was voluntary it really was like a full time job.
I resented in many ways but looking back it helped me go carry on. Some sort of purpose.
But when I retired I was still a carer.
Just didn’t get paid. I had pension and felt like a holiday at first.

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Hi @Hazell
I am unable to sleep too.
I lost my husband of 35 years in June.
I retired in October 2023 so i am finding it hard to adapt to being on my own.
Trying to fill my days with things during the day. Now have exhausted myself choir exercise classes book club walking groups.
Looking to volunteer used to for Macmillan last year.
I hope that you managed to get some sleep this morning.
Hope everything goes ok at work today
Take care
Lynne x

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