Bad day

Today is a bad day. I lost my husband of 37yrs 25 th Nov 2019 he was 62
And I’m 57.
I’ve been in town today looking at couples feel angry crying on train coming home. Why me why did he have to go and leave me I feel like my heart is breaking today I hate the world today. I know I’m not only person feeling like this

hi i lost my wife 7 months ago and i still have bad days to today has been one of them cant seem to stop thinking of her today i hope your day gets a little better and you can get a little sleep

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No you are definitely not the only person feeling like this, it’s not even 2 months for you yet, don’t be hard on yourself
It’s 12, long and lonely,months since my husband died ,but I remember having to walk out of the supermarket because I was so jealous and angry seeing couples my age strolling round the aisles at the beginning. You will feel all sorts of emotions that you have never experienced before. I still do now
Take care


November is so recent for you…I’m a few months ahead and I had a crappy day on Sunday…really down and miserable . I do think we have to accept these feelings…there part of the healing and it’s totally natural to have these feelings after a loss like this. Remember no feeling lasts forever…you will have better days to come x

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