Bad Day

It’s just a bad day today.
I miss my Mum so much. The realisation that this is the way it is forever is just too overwhelming.
I love you Mum xxxxxxx

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So sorry to hear you have lost your mother

It’s really painful losing those closest to you especially parents - I recently lost my father, the grief is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.

It’s hard and you will have bad days and good and that’s ok. I’m glad you were able to reach out and just acknowledge how you feel.

That realisation that of how final death is is overwhelming. And the thought you will never see your loved one again heart breaking and hard to accept.
I try not to dwell that I will never see my dad again, I too hate that thought.

Instead what’s helped even though I know I won’t see him, is thinking how I can keep him part of my life, so I won’t forget him.

So far it’s been writing to him or reading him prayers, this way I feel connected to him.

Maybe you can think of things you used to love doing with your mother and try to incorporate into your life regularly so you too feel connected in some way?

I also try to remind myself no emotion lasts forever, it will pass. Whilst experiencing whatever emotion I just acknowledge and don’t judge or try to feel different. I try to not resit or say I wish i didn’t feel this way . I Just sit and observe and notice how it’s making me feel. It can feel uncomfortable but just sit with it. I notice with practice when i didn’t label my thoughts or judge them, they have less power to make me feel a certain way. I was able to recognise it for what it is, just thoughts. Practice I’m referring to is Mindfulness, it helped me a lot.

Grief can make you feel angry, upset and you may have many regrets, thinking of what you wished you could have done. All which is in the past and we have no power to change. It is natural to feel like this, but it becomes unhelpful when this is all we do.

Everyone goes through grief in their own way, all our experiences personal. I hope you can find ways that work and helpful to you.

Sending you my love :two_hearts:


Thank you, Xochi, for your calming and kind words.

I’m sorry for your loss and your grief.

I am learning about the roller-coaster of emotions and trying to accept the tidal wave of feelings.

I just miss her so much, she was my best friend. I talk to her all the time and still tell her everything.

You must miss your dad terribly. I think he would be proud of you for your kindness.

Sending love to you too.

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You’re very welcome, I’m here if you want to talk x

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