Bad Day

It is nearly 32 weeks since since Peter died but today for some reason I have had the worst day ever. I have cried all day so far and just can’t seem to pull myself together. I don’t want to do anything but sit down. I hate feeling like this, he would be ashamed of me for feeling like this because he was such a positive person. Hope tomorrow is better. Sorry for complaining. Moira


You are not complaining Moira you are expressing how you feel. I too have really bad days when I cry all day x


Totally agree with Nel, it’s how you feel and yes tomorrow is a different day. We all have those days when we want to sit and cry, it’s the natural thing to do and I am afraid time doesn’t make much difference. Think of tomorrow. S xx


Hi Susie

Trouble is, I don’t really want to think about tomorrow. I have lost the love of my life for 59 years, and so wish (I know like everyone else on here) that he were still here. I miss him so much xx


Mogreg1, I understand fully, my soulmate left after we had been married for 45 years and every minute of everyday I miss him. Life is not good with the virus adding to our distress. Keep yourself safe. Sxx


So strange this grieving. You think you may have almost come to terms with their loss then if you’re anything like me you wake some mornings with an overwhelming feeling of sadness but not because anything in particular has happened.


Yes, grieve has this nasty habit of coming back and biting us and generally when we least expect it. We just have to keep fighting it and not letting it win. There’s a poem which is about the sea and grief and it says you have to turn and run back up the beach before the tide comes in. We keep running. Sxx

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C S Lewis said it… grief is like the bombers circling, you don’t know when the bombs are coming, but you know they’ll be bad

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Your not complaining it’s what grieve is every day different you take care annie x

Feeling very sad. Just can’t believe my hubby has gone. X

It’s a horrible life nel going to bed to think lv annie x

Night Annie. Hope you get a good sleep xx

Morning nel being up since 3 how did you sleep being out with my lovely dog belle went early so don’t have to talk to anybody lv annie x x

Up at 7. Woke without stomach anxiety but it soon came. H birthday tomorrow so feeling very sad. Going to go out with smudge soon. He’s barking in the window. Now to get through another day. I hope I won’t always feel like this. I miss H all the time. People just don’t understand. If I didn’t have sleeping tablets I wouldn’t sleep at all. Hope we have a better day xxx

Nel our life’s will never be the same john always held my hand so when I’m out I pretend I still am got daughter coming over later to help with garden lv annie x x x

Another bad day. I woke up crying this morning. Nearly 35 weeks and I still cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. Weekends are the worse but every day is bad. I just don’t seem to be able to get over the mountain. Why did it happen? I just feel so broken as we all do on here but it is still a very very lonely place. Is there anyone who can explain why we all feel like this? Thinking about you all. xx

We feel like this because our life companion has physically gone. Our whole lives from that moment are gone from waking he’s not there going to bed he’s not there laughing crying needing that hug so desperately he’s not there. Every aspect of our lives have altered and we yearn to have it all back. We have to learn to carry our grief and love our husband taking him on our life’s new path. All this will take every ounce of guts we have. I wish us all well on our new journey x