Bad day

Hi everyone,

Am having a really bad day today. Cant stop crying and over thinking, its coming up to Shaun’s 1 year anniversary and i just feel so angry and still cant get over that i wont see him again. He was only 36 and suddenly passed feb last year. His death was so sudden and police and coronor are involved due to him being in a mental health hospital when he passed. They keep delaying the report from the hospital, but we know they are hiding things, due to a independent mental health expert looking into the case. Just seems unfair to make us wait.

My 5 year old keeps asking questions its so hard to grieve when trying to look after her.

So down right now

Claire xxx


Aw so sad reading your post…maybe tomorrow will be a better day claire. :pray: xp

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My situation sounds different but try to keep positive for your little girl. It really is s…t when anyone is taken but when young, truly awful. My daughter was only 28 and I quite simply miss her every day. Dig as deep as you can and keep messaging on this site as I’ve found reading comments from people who have first hand experience has made me realise, I’m not going mad.

Stay strong xx


Am hoping so. Just sometimes no one understands as they havent been through losing a partner. We was with each each since we was 19. Literally sounds made, am jealous of other people getting on with there lifes. I feel so lonely. People say i will be there but i understand they have own life too just hard.



No words , so get your pain , be kind to yourself , take it an hour at a time xxxxx it’s shit I know xx

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Am in Liverpool. I do have people around but its not the same, no one can have the thoughts and feelings like us.