Bad dreams about my mum after her death

My mum died 7 months ago, recently I have started having really messed up dreams about her, eg. me and my brother wheeling her coffin to our garden and burying her there! For an example. They leave me feeling absolutely awful.
Is this a normal reaction? Does anyone else experience this?
I miss her so much.

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Hello, I can hear your heart beating fast as you wrote your post. Grief is something that is different for everyone and can take funny turns. I have to admit when my dad died I to had dreams of him but because we started having a very busy life around then, they disappeared and I seldom dream at all now or what I know about. I do remember one when he lifted the mattress and I fell out of bed and yes I woke up on the floor which wasn’t at the time funny but it was a double bed which was totally impractical. I do hope they disappear and yes keep busy and being really ready for bed may help. Just remember grieving is different for everyone and there’s no timetable that it runs to. You take care of yourself. Sxxx


My mum passed 4mths ago and I’ve not dreamed of her which kinda hurts me alittle
However we are currently in the process of organising her cremation plot and this past week, I’ve had the most weirdest dreams of being chased by ‘creatures’
Maybe it’s all my anxiety and grief coming out but gosh it’s awful!
I think messed up dreams are ‘normal’ and our way of dealing/managing our underlying emotions :disappointed_relieved:
When does it get better/easier? :persevere:

You are amazing :sparkling_heart:

My dad passed about 11 months ago and I dream about him every other week the same dream I’m at home and he will walk in my house then he will ask if everything is ok, then ask if he is dead. It’s pretty traumatic as it seems so real.