Bad night

Anyone having a bad night can’t sleep mind racing

Regularly Kim, regularly. Sleep is still hit and miss for me. I’ve had a few decent nights recently which has been great, but here I am tonight still wide awake. I’ve just got up and made a hot drink. I hope you manage to drift off soon :zzz: xx


Hi wish I could think I will do the same and get a hot drink
Hope you get to sleep soon too xx

I’m reading at the moment in the hope it will make me sleepy. Night, night Kim :kissing_heart:

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Good night xx

Think there was a few of us experiencing a sleepless night and I’m sure feeling knackered today :flushed: My norm seems to be still awake at 2-3am. 5 hours sleep that’s far from quality.
I really have only had a occasional better nights sleep in the last 2 years. But I accept that’s the way it is.
Perhaps we could support each other on this thread, sharing tips or being there to speak to as we deal with racing thoughts. We could even have a Walton style good night :rofl:


Ooh, I like a Walton goodnight Sandra :joy::rofl: xx

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Hi i don’t know what is worst racing thoughts or still been awake at 4 am you try every thing but at the moment nothing works.

Good morning Kim. I hope you managed a few hours sleep. I stopped trying a long time ago. Now I simply go with it, a hot drink, a read and see what happens. I’ve learned that there’s no point in tossing and turning. Let’s hope we get a better night tonight. :kissing_heart:

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I also love the Walton style good night :joy::joy:
There’s so many of us laying awake at night :roll_eyes: x

Morning everyone worst night ever have not slept good since Mick passed I’m normally calm in bed at night but constant thoughts about everything going through my mind constantly crying must have fell asleep at 4 am then woke suddenly like someone was grabbing me I’m sure it was Mick telling me to get a grip last night or I’m going mad ha

Let’s say it was Mick grabbing you Kim- at least you’ll know he’s close. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You’re not going mad Kim, at the beginning for me, I was so anxious about being in the house at night without Tim , constantly checking the doors, what with all the grief aswell , I was hardly sleeping at all, now I’m not so anxious on my own at night, just can’t sleep with everything going over and over.
When you’re laying awake tonight you won’t be on your own as we’ll all be laying awake too :weary::weary: x

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Aww it’s so hard I get paranoid at night at moment have my 26 year old son at home he’s plans for buying property on hold for few months so I will be worst when he goes xx

Same here, I’ve got my daughter with me but dread the day she goes . xx

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Hi Kim.My 34yr old son has been with me for awhile too and his moving into a flat in just over a weeks time .I know how you feel .I have my lovely new cat.But I also hate being in the house on my own at night.It took me awhile to get used to it.Thinking of you.Jeanette.x

Hi thank you I know I have to get used to it I have a husky I never let her upstairs so much dog hair when my son leaves I may let her. Ok in day it will be the nights I’m getting paranoid going to get all kinds of security now. When Mick was here if I heard a noise he would get up straight away. X

I know what you mean Kim. I’m not looking forward to the winter nights because they are so long?At least I have very good neighbours either side.:+1:We’re all in this together and supporting one another.Take care.x

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