Bank hols etc

Bank hols etc.
Loathe days like this, I love a walk, can’t decide where to go, didn’t go longer one to plan as weather bit grotty to warrant distance, no friends available to even drop in on, NT properties well ,parks I use closed walk local, ghost town, like Christmas day😰 I’m around my worst time too. Most of the time I keep too busy to grieve, randomly cones out when it feels like it. Tried to get some jobs done at home, very little done, very little energy ( well appears to me that way) yet I go onntill 10pm before sit most nights. We probably would have gone bit of a country walk if together but cautious where alone.
Other half of me would love to go home, be like other people chill, have a drink or two, but own beliefs say must exercise to justify nice food, must have … jobs done before can stop. If I’m away I can sometimes paint or colour but can’t at home with so many jobs to do - many of which need eg a support worker ( hope to sort) or a professional for things I can’t do, cant reach, can’t access etc.
Just sad lonely days can’t go out properly rub it in ( the loneliness) x know I’m not alone & all that jazz, I even look for mail at door on a bank hol silly me, e mails, check face book more regularly… clearly but denying poss - LONELY SERIOUSLY!!! I NEED PEOPLE x few dotted about wood but hello is it

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Oh, I totally agree with you regarding bank holidays. They can be dreadful, no one’s open and there is only so much walking, gardening and cleaning you can do. I don’t know the answer except let’s ban them😂
Sorry I am no help but the next one is the worst and it doesn’t matter how you try it’s still there. I have volunteered in the past, it helps until you come back home and then it’s the same. And if you think of going away for the next one then it will cost an arm and a leg and you will still be given the worst room they have, roll on January 2. Sorry but you are not alone. S xx