Be careful

Watch out for predators – there are people out there that prey on us – they have an agenda – they are looking for a partner who can take care of them – emotionally, financially etc. I got suckered by one and when I realized what was happing, had to threaten them with the police to leave me alone.

Very difficult to admit I was vunerable, bu we are.

They pretend to empathise, maybe be in the same situation – they’re not. They may be “bereaved” but they are not where we are. I never knew such people existed – to quote an old US TV police series, “be careful out there”
Unfortunately, it’s made me very wary of any new people I meet now.


A very wise post. When you are at your lowest and been through a lot you are so vulnerable. Even now (caring for my husband) I’d love someone to swoop in to take care of me. I’ve met a couple of widows and one was left bankrupt. Sadly, there are a lot of horrible people out there!


So true. Soon after my husbands death I had a gardener remove a small tree, do some weeding. He charged me £200 for 2 hours work. My lovely gardener now charges £25 an hour and gives me a hug if he sees I am upset.