Be gentle with yourself

Hi. A friend who lost her husband the same week as I did shared this poem with me. I thought it very powerful and reminded me of the importance of not pushing myself too much. I thought I’d share it here


hi Diverliz
sorry for both you and your friends losses.
such a nice poem.its a pity all of those around us family friends anyone
who knows what were going through cant give us time and give us a little comfort
regards ian

Hi Ian, I’m very fortunate that my friends have been very kind and supportive of me. I could not have got through the last few months without them. But equally it’s important we remember that we have to make ourselves accessible and responsive when love is offered. I’m also trying to help those around me that are going through shit times and not to let myself become too introspective. A few of my friends have lost their partners in recent years. One man who’s wife died around the same time as my husband said quite stoically ‘we are not the first’. That really pulled me up sharp. It’s easy to fall into despair and forget that that we are not the only ones with grief. Be gentle with yourself. But remember we are not in solitude in our grief x

hi Diverliz
sadly im on the other side of that friends help coin,ive had nothing but grief and nastiness off Jaynes family.Jayne will always be my girl.she was everything I could of ever wanted in a best friend lover soulmate.sadly her parents did not show much love towards Jayne at the funeral or the write ups in the local press.i decided put some thing in myself and I needed to show every one that Jayne was loved and had loads of friends who cared about her.
a couple of friends are no more either as I dont need people who aint got a clue spouting drivel without giving a toss about my feelings for Jayne.sorry Diverliz cannot help myself when it comes to showing how much I love Jayne.

You need to show the love you had Ian. Show it in any way you can. But try not to let the bad feelings from her family hold you back from finding peace. Let the love fill you up and turn the page on the negativity xxx

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