Be lost without my little dogs

Lost my hubby in August I miss him so much but if it wasn’t for my two little fur babies I would have given up. Jim loved the little dogs and I’m sure they are missing him as much as me. The other day one of the dogs was sitting crying at his bedroom door it broke my heart because you can’t explain to a dog daddies not coming home


@Misprint hi misprint I am so very sorry you lost Jim. I know how heartbreaking it is. I lost my soulmate pauline in April and to be honest I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for our 3 fur babies. I took our dog cara to a park we used to go to yesterday and as we approached the car coming back she ran straight to the front passenger side and looked for pauline sniffing the door and looking for her, it broke my heart. It’s not like we can explain it to them. Cara and our 2 cats chip and dale miss her too. My babies give me strength and a reason to keep going. I’m glad you have your dogs, they are very cute.


Misprint and Casey1 my little dog Bonnie is a great comfort and I have to keep going to walk her and my mother in law’s greyhound. I lost my husband Tim in November and It still breaks my heart that every time we come back from our walk I see his car and think oh that’s good, Tim’s home and in the house little Bonnie goes to look for him where he would be sitting .

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Hi Misprint

Your 2 little dogs are lovely, I know for a fact that if I hadn’t had my 4 to keep me going in the early days I definitely would not be here now.
They saved my life & when every body else disappeared & forgot about me, they are still here for me every day. My only company & my best friends x


It’s good to have a pet. Our cat used to sit on the arm of the recliner chair a lot where mark sat. Now she spends hours asleep on the chair which is where she is now. But she has never slept on the bed where he slept. She has been very needy since he died wanting loads of attention. They do say stroking a pet is stress relieving.
Your dogs are very cute x


Take comfort in your little ones unfortunately my partner died a year ago then 3 months ago I lost my lovely 13 year old dog he was such a comfort things seem worse now than ever miss them both so much

How awful for you losing your dog so soon after your partner. Pets are such a part of the family and you have to grieve for them as well. Have you thought about getting another dog or do you feel it’s too soon ? Xx

Yes think it’s a bit too soon but I probably will think about it later the house is so empty now

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