Beat You There

Such a beautiful song.
I lost my partner 2 years and 10 months ago and I still can’t believe he’s gone. This song helps me.

I don’t know why God always takes the good ones first
And man I’ve tried to be strong and carry on, but damn this hurts
And I just wish that I could talk to you again, somehow, some way
Even if it’s for a moment, so I can hear you say
Don’t cry for me; I’m alright
Yeah, I’m better than you know
And this life can be a shorter ride
So don’t waste it on sorrow
Just hold on to those moments and the memories we shared
We’re both headed for the same place anyway
I just beat you there
I know they say, “Just give it a little time, you’ll be okay”
That might bе true; it don’t really help mе today
And we ain’t supposed to question the Man upstairs
'Cause there’s just so much I don’t understand
It just don’t seem fair
And as each day goes by I get a little bit stronger
But that don’t stop me from wishing
You were here a little bit longer
So I’m gonna smile when I think of you
Like I know you’d want me to
And I know you’re watching over me
In everything I do
And all those things I never got to say
Well I’ll send 'em with this prayer

Love and miss you so much xx


Thank you for sharing the song.
Feeling a bit down this morning
Missing my husband always xx


Sorry your feeling down. I know how you feel.
Although my partner left me nearly three years ago, the heartache, pain, crying and hurt is as bad today as it was the day
he died.
It just doesn’t seem to get much better as time goes by.
Who said time was a healer?
Take care x


Im struggling this week. I think the dark nights and wet weather but ive cried fir ages every day. It doesnt ease does it?

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No, the heartache and pain doesn’t ease (getting worse if anything), and yes the dark nights and weather certainly makes everything feel worse.
I hate this loneliness.