struggling to cope with the lost of my mum. very little/no support from partner…my partner has now decided he wants a break to take time out for himself and what he wants we have been together nearlly 17 years and my my. only.passed away 3 months ago… I just think he is been selfish

Hi slj0802, I’m so sorry to read of the loss of your mum and that your partner has not been supportive. It sounds like you have more difficulties ahead following his decision which is no doubt going to be hard on top of your recent bereavement.

I do hope you’ll find some comfort here amongst people who understand what you’re going through - both in bereavement and in relationship changes which can sometimes follow. I’m sure you’ll receive some replies from our members but in the meantime I’d suggest taking a look at some of the conversations in the ‘Losing a parent’ section.

all the best and take care

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