Bed time

Every night i am going to bed without my husband , he died two years ago, {clinical negligence} . It is hard without him, and guess what I do ? I kiss him good night, photo wise, I say my prayers for him and have got his ashes next to me, bedside table in a crystal heart , his rosary beads and some roses, our bedroom is empty without my Nhoj , so it is his nick name , nothing more like this i WANT HIM BACK

I am truly sorry for your loss I which I could say something to ease your pain my husband George passed away on the 26th of November this year we were together for 30 years .
I also kiss my husbands photo before I go to bed and I pray that he was still with me as his loss as I know your husbands loss is are truly overwhelming.
Please take care of yourself and I hope someday you find peace in your heart .

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