Been around over Christmas

Hi my name is Kevin I lost my partner on the 23rd of October I didn’t Barry until the 22nd of November I can’t stand being In the flat alone I have no family No one to Talk to All I do is cry and cry And I can see this Christmas really bad I just want to be with that I’m not here


Hello, your in the very early stages of grief which is the worst part of this journey, you could try some bereavement counselling, they do it through this site? Or books on grief or look into the Afterlife to give you hope?

At the moment the way your feeling is normal, you just have to muddle through as best as you can, the grief will always be there but it won’t cut as deep as it does now.


@Kevin303 - you have come to the right place, my friend. All of us here understand the pain of losing our beloved, our soulmates, the ones who made our lives complete. Grief is tough to bear - it is the love you shared expressing itself as pain, as silence, as that howling, horrible void. I am so sorry. We all go through this so we all understand where you are. Keep posting here - you can talk with us, you can share - we are here for you and all of us. Hold on x