Beginners yoga it helps

Just started doing beginners yoga in the mornings and evenings and finding it calms my mind down especially night time…

Thanks for sharing this with us, Rosemarie. It’s good to hear that you’re finding yoga is calming your mind. Other community members have mentioned trying meditation or mindfulness for a similar reason.

Hello Rosemarie. I usually do Yoga/Pilates, no classes, on my own or at the gym. Since September I haven’t been able to do any of these, just didn’t want to. Decided today to give it a try. Put music on and managed half an hour. Pleased, now it’s the gym I have to go back to. Always loved dancing but it didn’t seem right to do it after losing my husband in November… Can recommend any of the above. I find it difficult to meditate so I now go to a quiet place outdoors, close my eyes and listen intently to the bird songs, so many beautiful sounds that we don’t usually notice. Makes mindfulness easier also.

I’m suffering today with my depression…Haven’t dressed and went back to bed this afternoon…Not had a very good day…

Come on Rosemarie you’ve made a move to do yoga and this does help you so when you feel so rotten, try to do something. Yoga, meditate, put music on and dance, wrap up and go for a walk. Listen to the sounds around you, look at what’s about you. Try to make your brain re-focus. Easier said than done I know but you have tried to help yourself with Yoga, so keep going Don’t go to bed tomorrow, get dressed and do something positive. Good Luck, will be thinking of you.

Hi All

Just wanted to add how useful I find yoga. It is designed to connect your body and your mind which is a great thing to do when life gets tough.

Walks, nature, learning new things, this forum, talking to others and baths have all helped me. Hope some of these ideas can help you too.

Sending love
Ann xx

Hi there Rosemarie haven’t heard from you for a day or two, how are you doing. You didn’t seem too good recently have things improved. Keep in touch. xxx

Your so right and well done for doing all these positive things. I’m the same as you. Not usually on this forum at this time, usually busy doing something else but I just felt like being in contact. However it’s sunny and bright outside so going to take the dogs down to the seafront and deliver more things to a charity shop. Each day is a test of my will. Can I do this or that??? I usually have a good cry somewhere along the way but who knows what each day will bring. Up, down. up, down that how it seems to be these days. One day it might become more ups than downs. Can live in hope. My beloved husband knows me and he’ll be watching to see how long it is before I can cope better.