Being let out.

Is anyone else worried about this. I have felt very secure the last few months. I haven’t met friends so I haven’t had to come back home to an empty house.
In the next couple of weeks we may be able to go back to a new normal. I haven’t been out with friends since March, have only been in my daughters bubble so the problem of coming home has not happened.
To ge honest I’m worried. I started to go out in the evening, always cried buckets on my return home. Now I can’t socialise I feel safe. But it will end. …

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Yes, I think it’s understandable to be worried about this. I have never come home to an empty house yet but I think it will break me when it happens.

I am quite new to this as my husband died last month and close family made a bubble with me but I think I would feel like you do. I guess there is no solution but someone else told me the tip that you should give yourself a task to do immediately upon arriving home that will take 10 minutes to distract you and that you should leave a radio on before leaving the house to come back to. Personally I can’t imagine either thing helping enough but maybe it’s worth us trying. Take care Montague.

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I feel more secure during lockdowns, but then it is my way of life because of multiple medical conditions, I haven’t been out since the middle of July and that was a visit to the doctor. I am lucky that I have many friends who keep in touch by telephone and email. I miss my husband of 59 years (he died 15 months ago, I found him dead on our bedroom floor) My family live 80 miles away, I have a son and a daughter, but they live in opposite directions from where I live, they are very good to me, my grandchildren live in the same Market Town as my daughter. I have a wonderful carer who comes every day plus a visitor from the Council who is wonderful too. The housebound library changes my books every 4 weeks, collecting and delivering. I have a lovely springer spaniel who is taken for walks every day, by a lovely young couple. I am not smug, well blessed. !!!
I have a strong faith which gives me great comfort. At the age of 81, I can’t have many years to wait until I am re-united with my beloved Stan, my beloved much younger brother and my best friend of 72 years, all of whom were taken from me in less than 3 years.

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