Bereavement Benefit

I just wanted to ask how everyone copes financially? My husband died 20 months ago. I’m still paying off his car which he did through my bank account, only because we shared everything. My bereavement benefit has recently stopped so I’m now down £350 a month. I work part time and if I work more hours it gets taken off my universal credits. I just wanted to know how other people manage financially? Thanks Sally

Hi Sally, it’s a worry isn’t it? I panicked at first due to the pension age change for women I have 6 years to wait till I get my state pension and I gave my work up years ago to be mums carer but she passed away 3 weeks before my husband. Fortunately I will have my share of the money from the sale of mums house and I have a few private pensions in payment also I get a percentage of my husband’s annuities plus the bereavement benefit. Mortgage is paid off and no debt so thankfully I will be ok and not need to look for a job as that would have been additional pressure and stress. Obviously I have nothing like the amount coming in that I was used to but my lifestyle has completely changed now I am on my own so I can manage. I know I am one of the lucky ones as it must be such a struggle for a lot of people.
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I don’t get Bereavement benefit because I get State Pension.I don’t think it’s fair.My husband was 60 when he died and was getting PIP.For some strange reason,I am still getting Carers allowance of £90 per month!Just about getting by on this as his funeral took all my savings!

What about pension credit Jill could you maybe qualify for that? It makes me so angry that your husband never made pension age and had probably paid into the system for years yet you get none of that :rage: Don’t understand about you still getting carers allowance when my mum died I only got it for the next 28 days before they stopped it. But take everything you can get :+1:
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Anyone who gets bereavement benefit has been lucky to get anything, I got nothing at all when my partner died.
Be careful with carers allowance my mother’s pension was paid in error after her death and we had to repay it. Surely the " Tell Us Once " service should have stopped it? Sadme

I only had one payment since he died in November.I filled in the form online that the Registrar gave me and I had no confirmation that they were processing it,the carers allowance appeared in my account 2 weeks later.I didn’t know about Pension credit,no one told me.Thanks for the info

If I was you I would pop into the local Gov office/ job centre and ask if there are any benefits you are entitled to. The buggers don’t want you to know what’s available and keep things quiet so they can save money. I only know myself as my best friend works for benefits office. If you go online they have a pension credit entitlement calculator so you can check if you could get it. Good luck :crossed_fingers:
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Thanks for that.