Bereavement Counselling Drop in

I did something positive this morning and went to Kirkwood Hospice they have a drop in bereavement session. It was daunting for a start i went in the room and one of the volunteers made me a coffee and sat with me and had a chat getting info details on a form. Then she introduced me to a small group on another table i still felt nervous and after a while some of us went in to another room with another volunteer and started chatting about bereavement things you know sharing experiences etc. i started to feel more at ease then. They do one to one counselling but its the same as Cruise Bereavement theres a waiting list. Anyways ive got home and looked at my calendar and the next one falls on Monday 19th Sept and ill be at the foot clinic that day i cant put the foot clinic off cos the appointments are like gold dust hard to get. Anyway ill ring the hospice later and mention it to them then they wont think i’m not going again cos i am i wanna go again.Its nice to be able to talk things out with people in the same boat isnt it. Ill see what else they have on offer i do know they do Weds evenings but thats a bit difficult for me to get there in the evening.

Hi johnboy I spoke to you a couple of months back I think going to a bereavement councillor is a good idea I go to one myself through my work it helps to speak to someone out with family who knows how we feel there is no miracle cure for the grief we are feeling but it gets all the tension out from which we are feeling it’s going to be a long process but we can only take it one day at a time keep going to the drop in centre until you can get your one to one with a councillor I’m not saying it will take your pain away but it helps believe me I hope this has helped you take care

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Hi Janey Thanks for your reply. I’m glad that you are seeing a Bereavement Councillor and that it is helping you. I agree that it is going to be a long process and i’m taking one day at a time.I’ll deffo keep going to the drop in sessions and hopefully it wont be long till i see a councillor from Cruise. Thanks again for your reply and take good care also :slight_smile:

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