Bereavement Group

So about 6 weeks ago I attended a bereavement group. The people there were very welcoming but they were a lot older than me & there were a lot of generational differences I couldnt relate to. I suppose i thought I was going to go & they would say things would get a little easier but their grief/shock/ despair is still visable even after 6+ years for some & i did come away feeling very low. In fact i didnt get out of bed for 4 days.
Now my Dad has died as well im lost.
In 15 months I have lost my Husband, my dog & now my Dad.
I feel like I cant squash anymore grief in me.


Hi Anne
I also went to a bereavement group at the local hospice during the first months and it was helpful but like you I started feel worse. I didn’t want all this sadness around me although I had my own which was enough to cope with. At first we want to be surrounded by other grieving people and to talk but this feeling can come to an end as it did with me.
I have found that things do get easier and we do learn to live with grief in our own way.
So much loss in such a short time doesn’t seem fair for anyone to have to go through.


Hi Pattidot it’s good to try these things tho…maybe a few more months down the line we may find these sorts of groups comforting?
Sending hugs & best wishes x

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