How to cope with bereavement

Hi brennan
I think your question really depends on you, your life and who you have lost. I have lost both parents and life is very difficult. What is getting me through each day is my work, my partner and my 13 year old daughter.
Lots of really lovely people on this site will approach you with other ideas.
Are you happy to tell your story?

Hi Brennan, I’m afraid that everyone’s bereavement can be different and rightly who you have lost. I can only speak from losing my husband and losing your best friend and soul mate is devastating especially if you don’t really have a network of family. The one person you need to support you is gone and if you are alone it is doubly painful.
We are here for you if you wish to share your pain with us.

My husband of 48years passed last October and i feel i will never be happy again.