Hi, my partner of 25 years died suddenly last Friday 21st may. I am absolutely devastated as she was my soulmate, best friend & love of my life. I really don’t know how to cope, friends and family have visited every day but I’m still in a daze.

Hi Albert, my soulmate of 34 years died suddenly a couple of months ago - we still don’t know why and are awaiting the Coroner’s report so I understand how you are feeling. You will be in shock at the moment. In the early days it’s just a matter of taking it breath by breath. Take any support from friends, family, your GP and people on here. You can also register for counselling here or with Cruse. Try to be kind to yourself. It’s rather like being in a rough sea with waves hitting you from all sides at the moment but eventually you get a bit of a break between the waves or the waves are a little less. My thoughts are with you. Sending hugs

Hi jules
Thanks for your kind words, my linda is having an autopsy this week so we hope to find out what happened. I will try and take some of your advice and get counselling etc.

I think the hardest thing when it’s sudden is the not knowing why. My mind keeps going through different things it could have been and should I have noticed something. I know that whatever it is, I can’t turn the clock back but I think some things will be easier to come to terms with than others. It is just such a massive shock when life changes so totally in the blink of an eye.

I feel exactly the same and I also keep thinking if I should of noticed something. She seemed well and her only complaint was a toothache so I’m clueless to why it happened.

Bear in mind that the first post mortem showed up nothing for my husband, hence the reason we are still waiting to find out. The whole process will have taken at least 12 weeks from what they are saying. It is difficult waiting this long.

That’s terrible, thanks tho I will bear that in mind.