i am struggling with the death of my mum i found her and have been seeing her lying there every night since i cant cope cant even leave my bedroom

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Hi Morr, I’m really sorry to hear about your Mum, it’s devastating to lose your Mum, she’s the one person who has been with you all of your life and when she has gone it’s life changing, it sounds as if you could do with some support, have you family and friends close by, or you could try and find a bereavement group, so everybody there is in the same situation as you and know how you are feeling, sending love and hugs Jude xx

Hi @morr03,

Dealing with the loss of your mum is bad enough but to have to revisit that image all the time is something I can’t begin to understand so words seem too hollow :disappointed:

Can I ask how long ago since she passed? Do you have anyone near/with you to support you?

Suzanne x