I am grieving my loving wife of sixty four years. I lost her six weeks ago. I realise it is very early days is there some hope of it getting better . At this moment in time I am broken hearted

Hi Jim, I am so, so sorry for your loss and I feel deeply for you. Everyone on this site is very understanding and can support you in many ways. Please keep posting and reading messages as it does help.
Sending love xxx

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Thank you for your reply my dear it is very comforting to meet you . I look forward to hearing from you again. I am new to this page so I didn’t know what to expect but again thank you. . Jim

Hi Jim so sorry for the loss of your wife it’s so heartbreaking :broken_heart: sending you big hugs I know it’s not much consulation but I lost my youngest daughter to cancer in Jan this year so I’m grieving to. Take care Jim. XX shellyanne

Hi Jim

I lost my wife about 20 months ago Dec 2020, in the early days the grief was horrendous, there is some hope that it will get easier for you, I have found the grief won’t go away but is easier to deal with. I think everyone who has lost someone close feels the same way, and of course were all broken hearted.

Take care, Barry

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Hi Jim, I am relatively new to this site too so I’m still finding my way around. I do know that it is a great source of comfort and a place to express yourself without judgement. There are lots of helpful suggestions and understanding from others in a similar situation. Take care. Xxx

Hi Jim,
Wow sixty four years, there must be some beautiful memories of the two of you, so sorry for your loss.
I personally believe things will improve, it is three months since my Carole passed away and even in that short time I have felt better.
With the help of an audio for night time I am sleeping more and the horrendous feeling I used to get when waking and the reality of things has lessened.
As Susan said this forum is a comfort, I also have a telephone chat from Crus Bereavement which helps me understand my emotions better. For the first few weeks I honestly thought I was losing my mind but realise it is part of the grief cycle.
I found reaching out for help and just chatting all made me a little less anxious and not quite so sad.
Wishing you well
Joe x

Hello Shelleanne thank you for your reply . I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. God bless you I am feeling very grief stricken at the moment. Thank you for your reply Jim

I hope you get some comfort coming on here. I do the pain is unbearable and you ll be feeling it to being together so long. God bless you Jim. Shellyanne XX :heavy_heart_exclamation: