Ilost my wife in JULY this year at the age of 66 .She had a stroke she was doing well then she had a second strok she was getting infections has she could not swallow . I have her ashes here with me . But it is very hard to except she has gone , what i can not except is the basic care and respect she never got , The room she was in was very hot she had a fan in there but it was not plug in untill i did She did have a stroke in 2018 she was ok and could get about with two walking sticks i looked after all her needs help her to wash , get dressed , i did all the cooking and shoping . When she had the first stroke in May this year she was getting ready to come home , it is the second stroke that caused the problems . I have a list of complaints to the hospital but i doubt if any thing will be done . As for myself i am ok i have good days and bad . Thankyou Richard .


Hi so sorry for your loss . And the way your wife was treated . It must really upset you having these thoughts as well as all the heartbrake and grief we have when losing a partner . It was a year yesterday since my husband died . And I still find every day hard . Posting on this site does help . People know what we are going through and how we are feeling . They get it . Not like the people who haven’t experienced this sort of grief . Xtake carex


Hi Richard my heart is sad for you in your hours , months and possible years of need of support.
I note that you have several Complaints that you are making to the hospital, also that you doubt that anything will be done about them

Can I advise you to keep written copies of the complaints and give them to the PALS office, then if you arent satisfied, with the out come,

you can pass them onto your local community care group, CCG, who will investigate them and ensure you get satisfaction. I know that sometimes some nhs Trusts staff maybe believed to be covering each others backs. Which is something I abhor

I am a volunteer governor with a local NHS (mental health trust, )

but our most important duty is to put patients and families first and last. As should your hospitals members council??
The board of the hospital has to answer to governors and non executives and answer any complaints, no matter who they’re from?

best wishes Mr chipss.
I am now going back to hibernation.

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Thankyou to you both for kind words and support . I have sent my complaints to PAL Richard

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