My son died 4 weeks I’m not coping at all he was my only child and his death was unexpected and a shock he was only 33 he died of DVT after an operation

Oh! what can I say that will make any sense of your loss, pain, and the sense of shock, numbness and isolation that goes with it all?

It Is bad enough to loose a parent, as I have done lost November, her birthday would have been today she would have been 89.

To loose a child, no matter what age, must be the most painful experience and feeling to go through. You have my heartfelt sympathy…Christmas day is supposed to be a day for family and friends, but with grief and loss it becomes unpalatable. This is all going to be so raw for you…especially after only a few weeks of loosing him.
is there any family or friends who can provide some empathic support for you?
I hope that however you feel day to day or minute by minute you will have someone who can listen to you if you need support…otherwise grieve the way you want to…if you want to cry, do so…don’t bottle it up…rage against the unfairness of life then you do so…
I find life to be unfair…losing someone close is the most horrible thing that can be inflicted on anyone.
Please take care of yourself.
Are you sleeping OK and eating right?
I hope that you get all the emotional support you can have?

I’ve got my family but they don’t no what I’m going through I’m sorry for your loss I lost my mom as well in February this year we wasn’t really close but its been a bad year I only had my sons funeral on Wednesday

Go well and take care.

Hello Charlie Dan
Saying sorry for your loss is simply not enough I know. And two losses must be so much to bear. Shock, despair and disbelief must be suffocating. I have not experienced your type of loss but others will have and will be able to help you. Take full advantage of your family’s support. They won’t understand your loss but will be able to care for you. Take care.

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Thankyou x

Hi Charliedan, I’m so sorry to hear about your son.
My son also died just a few weeks ago, of cancer, and I’m really struggling to make any sense of it all, especially when we’re all meant to be so jolly over Christmas.