I’ve cared for my mum for 4 years , this year I lost her and I’m finding it very hard to grieve or even accept the grieving process, has anyone else felt this way if so what’s the best way to go about it ?


in my experience, you do what nature tells you. you follow it, go with the flow. I had counseling which helped a lot. I also went to grief classes and I knew I did the right thing for myself. caring and losing my mother has still left me “traumatized” so I push away those memories. I am forced to go on.

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I’ve realised talking doesn’t help , I am not one to open up , I try force distraction and push it to the back of my head , like hobbies but loose interest , studying but again becomes a battle … an I have to start all over again coz it all becomes to much . so basically just take it as it comes …

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Hi, so sorry about your mum. I lost my mum at the end of March and am also struggling to come term with my loss.

I am also generally not one to open up and have amazed myself by participating on this forum, it’s something I never thought i would do. I have to say it was a good decision as I have gained a lot of comfort from connecting with others who are also suffering with grief.

I started writing a journal about a month after my mum passed and I found that really helpful, just getting my thoughts down on paper. I have stopped doing this for a while, but may re-start it again at some point. I am also considering writing my mum a letter to tell her how I feel as someone on here suggested it, is that something you maybe could consider doing?

Please know that you’re not alone, sending you love x

Thank you I will try that , it’s not the first sign of grief I am dealing with , my brother committed suicide in 2018 , so that was hard enough to deal with an I still haven’t accepted as no one knew why , I can’t deal with in the same way as I witnessed my mums death in person. I’m glad I have others that are struggling in the same way to talk to so thank you , it does help a little .

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