Hi this is my first post. I lost my husband 3 weeks ago and I’m so lost without him and miss him so much.


Hi @Yorklan, I lost my partner 2 weeks ago and feel a huge void in my life. Still doesn’t seem real and I keep waiting for a message or for him to walk in with the biggest smile. I have already found comfort here amongst others on different stages of their grief journey and although atm I don’t want to be here I know in time somehow I will find a new norm. Life will never be the same but somehow we have to go on :disappointed:


My husband died just over 3 weeks ago, and like you I miss him so much. I dreamt about him last night and woke up sobbing, even though the dreams were about his chemo.


I’m so sorry it made you feel that way, strangely the nights I dream of Lee I wake with a sense of peace. I truly believe this is when his soul is visiting mine xx

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