Birthday Surprise

Hi all, hope you all got through Christma OK?, I did just, it was very emotional at times, I went to friends for dinner, which helped, on 27th Dec. It was my birthday and a neighbour came over with a present , when I opened it it was a picture in a frame of my late wife Susan, my friend was here when I rang to see if she was OK, so she took Susan’s picture, and later on that day 7th Sept we were told by a specalist that she had 6 months to live, sadly Susan didn’t survive that long, she passed away 31,10,21, the picture now hangs proudly on the sitting room wall watching over us,everything I look at her picture I have tears in my eyes,( the special thing about this picture is is that she did not like her photo taken and the last one of her was 4 years ago)


Hi David, what a lovely neighbour you have. Yes, I have photos around the house but the one in the bedroom which is the one I talk to can also bring tears. Thank you for posting and please keep safe. S xx

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