Birthday without my Mum and Dad,

Hi all,

So just had my 38th Birthday today,without my Mum and Dad being here with me alive,Luckily i have my 14 year old son to help me through the day,but this is now the 4th year birthday without my Mum,and 2 years having a Birthday without my Dad. It will be the anniversaries of both there passing’s later on this year,and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. Is there anybody on here who finds this so difficult and upsetting also? I just feel so young to not have both my parents with me.


Hello Lacy, anniversaries are hard and when it comes to your own birthday without the ones we loved so deeply, is hard. I lost my dad when I was young and always feel sad that our sons didn’t know him, so it’s been important that I have kept his memory alive. We always celebrate the deaths of all the grandparents which is nice but hard on me. The pain, which has grown less, does return but it’s the price that loving them, we have to pay. It’s hard. My thoughts and love goes out to you and your son. Bless you both.

I was just going to post how looking at my moms art is still painful. she died in 2016 my dad in 2013. I don’t even have pictures of them up because it hurts SO MUCH. I was an only child and very attached and I have a feeling I will grieve everyday for the rest of my life. Maybe not as intensely each passing day, but everyday nonetheless.

so you are not alone. it is a sweet grief but painful. maybe just something you must up with like a lot of things in life. but one of the harder ones for sure.



I had a canvas of my Mum’s photo made,which is above my fireplace,i find it comforting to look at,i also have a small photo of her,which i keep in bed,i talk to my Mum each day. Like you i am an only child also,i carry on for the sake of my 14 year old son,someday’s are harder than other’s. Sorry for your loss,Thanks for replying to my post,Lucy,xxx

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