Book recommendations

For all who enjoy reading, I’d recommend the following books as a good read for anyone who is grieving, particularly those who’ve lost a partner.

Love Interrupted by Simon Thomas
Simon lost his wife in 2017 to leukaemia & his honest account is such a good read. So many of his thoughts & feelings resonated with me. It’s also heartwarming to know that he has got thru it & is now remarried.

A Grief Observed by C S Lewis
Lewis was only married to his love for 4 years before she died of cancer. It’s an honest account & how he rediscovered his faith. You don’t need to be religious to find this book useful.

Hope that helps & if anyone has any other suggestions I’d appreciate it as I’m sure many would

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It’s ok that you’re not ok by Megan Devine is good .
She lost her partner .

Also grief works by Julia Samuel .


Thank you
I’ll have a look for those😊

I’ve found another:
The madness of Grief: A memoir of love and loss by Reverend Richard Coles
Just bought it on eBay :+1:t2:

I’m currently reading languages of loss by Sasha bates who suddenly lost her husband bill Cosby. It’s definitely high lights how I am feeling.

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Thank you
I’ve just bought that on eBay too😊

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I’m reading “on grief and grieving” by Kubler-Ross and David Kessler and also “Never letting go” by Mark Anthony. Both seem quite good and are different in themselves (the latter is more about signs that your loved ones live on in spirit).

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