Both lost our mums

My lovely Mum in law died suddenly and unexpectedly from sepsis on March 26th this year. We were all shocked and devastated especially our 15 & 20 year old children who were very close to her. We were literally just able to start healing and getting over the shock when less than 7 weeks later my mum died in a fire at her home on 12th May abroad.
This completely floored us all and although functioning, it is hanging over us all like the darkest cloud.

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Hello I can resonate with your post as my partner lost his Grandad in January and then I lost my Mum in March. It is so hard on us both.

I can’t really offer much advice but thought I’d let you know that you aren’t alone.

We have been together a long time and have never been through anything like this but for it to happen so close together has been a massive shock for us x

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