Box of ashes

Why is it all I can think is why are you a box of ashes mum!? This isn’t fair!! She had so much she wanted to live for. Sorry!

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Hello Butterfly

Instead of a box of ashes
Why not a box full of LOVE

you are so right it isn’t fair
I am sat at home with my box of LOVE
My mum didn’t want to be buried in the ground so I have her ashes in our home in a unique sphere
Someone once told me to live your life so they can see it through your eyes
Which is a lovely thought
Loosing your mum is so hard mine was my best friend
She was full of life and left this world too soon
I try and remember all that happy memories we made together I hope in time you can

Keep sharing your feelings on here
Sharing really does make a difference
It might be too raw for you right now

Sending my love


I’m the same. My mum is currently sat in a box In my living room. I miss her so much. It’s so hard. BUT I know that things will get better. I just have to be patient and allow myself to feel these things. Thinking of you :heart: