I have had a really bad few days. I suffer badly with depression and anxiety and my anxiety at the moment is really high and my stomach is all knotted up and sore all the time. I try and take each day as it comes but its still hard.


Dear @BoyZone2011

I am sorry to hear you have had a few bad days and are struggling with depression and anxiety.

You have taken a big and brave step by reaching out here, that is not always easy. There is an organisation called mind which has helpful resources and online community support which is an available 24/7. It is called Side by Side and you register to join.

I apologise if you already know the above information. The website has loads resources including depression and anxiety.

Keep talking as this helps. Take care of yourself.


No i haven’t heard of before. Thank you.

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You are welcome. I do hope the website will be of help to you. You are not alone.

Take care.


I hope so I have really been struggling

Sorry it was meant to say i hope not i have felt alone for phone seems to be playing up again at the moment as i use my phone for everything

I am sorry that you are having some very bad days. It is so hard and nothing anyone says can make you feel any better.
I suffer with my stomach too and find that when I am having a bad time I get a flare up of acid. It is so uncomfortable and frightening especially when the acid goes up into your chest.
I try and have one thing to look forward to each day. I also do a to do list as I have found that when I keep busy I feel a bit better. I think I am slowly moving forward but I still would give anything to have my old life and my lovely husband back.
It is good you are taking one day at a time as to do otherwise is overwhelming.
I do hope you feel less anxious and have a few better days.
Sending hugs xxx

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I seem to have more bad days than knotts in my stomach is like someone is inside my stomach pulling it as hard as they can the only time it stops is when im asleep then as soon as I wake up it starts all over again. My dr says its to do with my anxiety

Did your Dr recommend any type of counselling for you? It may help you to feel a bit calmer. It must be awful for you to be in constant pain.
I referred myself through the NHS website and had some CBT therapy over the phone. It did help and I sometimes use the tools they taught me to help when I am having a bad day,

Yes im getting counselling for it but at the moment it doesn’t seem to be helping much .im getting counselling up to September this year so im hoping it will start to help but haven’t been advised anything from her

That’s good, I do hope things start to get easier for you.
I also found this site to be a great comfort as there is always someone who will reply and try and help you. I also find it helps reading other people’s posts as though all of our circumstances are different we are all suffering the loss of the person we loved the most in the world. We all understand each other.
Keep on posting as i know it will bring you comfort.
Take care x

I haven’t been here long and it was my friend who said about it as she saw advise on the tv. Thank you. Take care x

It is a great site and tbh I come on and read every day as I feel I am among friends.
Anytime you want to chat I am here.

Aww thank you i will. Take care

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Iv had a really bad week and weekend iv felt very much on my own. My head and stomach is all over the place my stomach with knotts in it which is sore. And head just can’t think straight at the moment

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I am sorry you have had such a bad week. The physical effects of grief may possibly be underestimated. As though it’s not bad enough to feel the overwhelming sadness and loss you feel physically dreadful as well and the person who used to make you feel better is no longer sitting in his chair. Hugsxxxx

I don’t really know what to do i can’t seem to think straight and feel so lost

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I have days like that. I find it helps to focus on doing at least one thing a day. Despite checking a payment 3 times I managed to overpay and then had to wait for a refund. This would never have happened before. I ordered 1 banana in an online shop. I think we all suffer from this.

I work part-time in a charity shop and most days its really hard to get there then Im not sure if im doing things right. It seems to get harder

Keep,at it . Just take longer to do everything. It took me a week to work out the dishwasher and still occasionally press the button