Broken after losing my Mum

2 and a half years ago myself and siblings suffered the traumatic loss of our much loved mother. She had been given the all clear from cancer and 3 days later died from a massive pulmonary embolism. There was hope and then she was gone, she had a heart of gold and didn’t deserve to go through what she did to then be snatched away so cruelly. She didn’t intend to go for treatment for the cancer because she was embarrassed as it was in a private area but we ( her children ) begged her and she agreed to chemo, this plays a lot on my mind too. I haven’t fully accepted that she’s gone, I know she has died but part of me just can’t take it in. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Annie x

hi Annie, you’re not alone in your situation. My beloved mother passed away Oct 2014, 2 years 7 months ago. She had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it was a great shock to myself and brothers and sisters. We spent alot of time with her in the hospice in her last few weeks. The hospice phoned me in the middle of the night and when we arrived mum had passed away, we weren’t with her when she passed away. I still find it hard to accept that she has gone forever and still miss her very much even after 2 and a half years. I realize that I have to learn to live with the loss of my mum who was loved so much. I understand your situation and how you feel. Take care. Stephen.

Hi Annie & Stephen, I’ve been through similar experience too. My mum passed away three years ago after a very quick and harsh battle with cancer. I never really grasped how bad things were with her illness until the very late stages. I was still working full time 10 days before she died as it never seemed real at the time. Years later im only just starting to properly process the loss as it all happened so quickly at the time and I’ve been keeping myself far too busy to try not to think about it. I will always regret not taking more time with mum after I knew she was ill. It really doesn’t feel like three years has past. Hope it helps you to know you’re not alone. Take care.

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