Broken Hearted on his Birthday.......

Today would have been my husband’s 72nd Birthday, this is the first time in over 50 years we haven’t been able to celebrate together.
Although I had offers from family & friends to be “busy” today, I decided to have a quiet day at home to give myself time to remember my precious husband William.
Its hit me much harder than I thought it would and I’m feeling heartbroken.
How do you deal with all these difficult dates which were once such Happy times?
Elaine x

Dear Sheila, Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I know every word you have written is true ~ and it helps so much to know that someone is listening and knows exactly how this feels. I can’t wait for today to end, but then, all too soon ~ another poignant date comes along…
Thank you again Sheila, I really appreciate your response.
Love from Elaine x

Thank you Sheila you are obviously a very lovely person. Take care of yourself. Its the start of a new day. Kindest regards Elaine x