building an inner core ...

after people have gotten some months in to their grief, after the shock has worn off, and we are not a blubbery mess, I learned to build an inner core. i think for those who have lost many people, there is a strength you end up building, learning to keep the sadness to yourself, so as not to send other people scurrying from you! :stuck_out_tongue: and I think that is what I noticed in older people, how they are reserved but I think it is because they have suffered life’s slings and arrows and learned to have a stiff upper lip, again so as not to scare people off! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I think that is so true.
We are all not mentally prepared for death, I think we need to talk before because it will happen to everyone. We need to talk and understand. Because after a loss it’s extremely difficult and painful. Everyone needs help. Xx

Yes I agree. Getting to a point of numbness we try to block the pain. It’s like self preservation.

It is, after a few months it’s just worse because you know it’s real at that point. Xx

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