Busy ppl around you

i thought i would write on her as i know you guys would understand how im thinking.
Im finding that everyone around me seems to busy and i feel im not. The family and friends i have are all now to busy so i cant do things with them.
My mum was my best friend and amazin mum, i did loads of things with her, so i feel i have so much time on my hands. Last Christmas was my first without her so i kept myself busy. This year due to costs and that im not doing as much, but it just looks like ppl r rushing around and doing so many things and im stuck sittin still working out what i should do with all this free time.
Just feels so odd seein all the ppl i know being so busy and im not.

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Dear @NicciC

Many people here will be able to identify with your post. Your routine and life has changed. Is there anything that you and your mum shared that you could continue doing, any particular traditions you both shared, Christmas bakes you would both do?

Have you thought about starting a new tradition to remember your mum at Christmas time? It is hard to get motivated when you have lost a loved one and Christmas is more so difficult as it is centered around family.

It is an odd feeling see everyone busy and I am sure you will be too soon, keep us all updated as to what you are up to. You will be an inspiration and encouragement to everyone here.

Please take care of yourself and continue to reach out.


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Hi @NicciC. I feel the same as you. Watching people going about their lives, making plans and I have empty days and very long nights. I was a carer for my husband and never had a minute to myself but since he died 6 months ago I feel so lost. I have a few friends but they are now busy with their families organising Christmas so I’ve been left to spend time on my own and it is awful.