Can anyone on here interpret dreams?

I wish I could go to sleep and stay asleep indefinitely because I dream and in my dreams my loving wife of just over 41 yrs is still with me, smiling and laughing, loving and caring, kissing and cuddling. But the moment I awake, ‘BANG’, reality hits me that she is no longer with me physically and that hurts more than any pain I have experienced in my whole life. How long I can continue without her by my side I can’t honestly say. She was my everything.

Last night I dreamt as usual about Debra and myself enjoying life and each other’s company when I came face to face with the ‘Angel of Death’ the ‘Grim Reaper’ and we fought, not because he was coming for me, (because if he was coming for me I would offer no resistance), no, but he was coming for Debra and that is why I fought, unfortunately during our struggle I woke up during and could not go back to sleep, however hard I tried.

Now I come to the question I posed in the heading, is there anyone on here that can interpret dreams? I am so worried that he has taken her from my dreams also. If anyone can interpret dreams then please respond to my post.

Hello Chris, I am very sorry about your lovely wife, Debra. I am sorry I don’t have the knowledge you are searcher for butI can understand how torturous these dreams are. I am hopeful that they may disappear and replaced with ‘normal’ types. From my own experience of not being able to sleep I looked at alternative therapies and that helped and still do. Hope you sleep well tonight because sometimes just telling someone the problem helps. Take care of yourself. Sxx

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Hi Tony

Sorry I can’t interpret dreams, but I do think when we dream our mind is working things out so we can come to terms. If it was me having that dream I would take it as I was not accepting the passing and I was fighting it, the dream was telling me I had to. Hope you are having your nice dreams back. Look after yourself x


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