Can anything else go wrong

List of events

Doctors misdiagnosed for at least 3 years.
Hospital consultants were cruel in how they told us she only had hours.
Nurse was cruel to me after she went
Couldn’t have coffin she wanted
10 weeks later the directors misplaced/forgot about her ashes.

What next. Don’t know if I can take any more

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Joy, I don’t know what to say. I was aware of the poor treatment of your wife, but for them to mislay/forget her ashes - I really don’t know what to say to you - one would expect that the professionals would take great care of our loves until we can bring them home.

What we’re going through now is bad enough, but this last, I’m truely sorry that you’ve had this experience.

I trust all is ok now?


Jay hi
Every thing under the sun has gone wrong since I lost Mick I think I’m been tested on how strong people think I am. Hope it’s sorted for you soon x

Hi Jay, so sorry to hear that. That’s just awful.

How do I even know they are hers. I had to remind them after 10 weeks. What really happened in that time. They are giving me a £170 urn to say sorry. .just broken on top of being broken

Hi Jay, did you get the ashes? Hope you’re a bit better today.

Hi. No not got them yet. I ordered a forever rose and they confirmed they got them today. Told about 2 week wait. Just can’t believe they misplaced or forgot them. Totally wrecked me today. Called in sick for work. Hope to be ok tomorrow. Just had to get it out my system.
She always under estimated herself in life and after she’s gone things still don’t go right. I know it won’t effect her but it has me.

Yes, I do know what you mean. One darn thing after the other. Troubles don’t seem to come singly but in crowds. A lot is to do with our negative mindset which is bound to occur. Things we would have shrugged off before take on gigantic proportions. Little things can throw us, and memories come thick and fast.
We need to put ourselves into ‘neutral’. Go with it and try and accept what has happened. Very difficult, and at first almost impossible. But some sort of action is needed to ease the awful mental pain. We are mostly all on this site to be with those who understand. We seek some relief from the pain. It’s all been so difficult for you, but sympathy won’t help a lot. What has happened has happened. Nothing can change anything now. We need to take care of ourselves because it’s what our loved ones would have wanted. Best wishes and take care. John.

Sorry to hear you had to take a day off work? Hope you are a bit better today.

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