Can’t accept my Dad is gone

I lost my Dad to Pancreatic cancer just over 6 months ago and I’m struggling more than ever. I was with him through it all and when he went, but I can’t accept that he’s gone. I’ve just had my 24th birthday which pains me as I couldn’t spend it with him. I’m so lost and hurt more than when it first happened. Everyone carries on with life and I’m finding it harder than ever. I can’t bare life without my Dad

People on here struggle through life in different ways,so your not alone Im 59 but death of a loved one doesnt pick and choose what age to blow their world apart to say the least .I say keep coming back here and if you want to chat to people your own age (just a suggestion) maybe contact Elanor the community manager im sure she can help Take care of yourself Colin

Hi Elle-Ann, I saw this and thought, if you happen to live in London, maybe we should have coffee some time? I am 23 and lost my dad just over 5 months ago. If by any chance you do live in London and you feel like it, please send me a private message.

Hi there,I lost my dad very suddenly in January this year,I’m 32.I have found the past 10 months hard and they say time is a healer I was always waiting for that time that is suppose to heal,but then I got to a point of remembering my dad and the conversations we had together and coming to a conclusion that on most days I would want him to look down on me being the me he loved not the me I had turned into because of his loss,he wouldn’t want me to be unhappy or sad or any of those things,so on the most days I remember him and I do smile,but on the bad days I cry too and apologise.