Can’t cope

My dad died 15/12/22 then my husband 19/12/22. I felt as though I was managing, but recently I just cry at the slightest thing, I look at a picture or hear a certain song and I can’t cope. My dad was 92 and in poor health before his passing and I cared for him for many years. My husband of 45 years had cancer and he had deteriorated before his death it was all sudden. I miss him so much, we did everything together and planned to grow old together, but cancer diagnosis we new that wouldn’t happen. I try to show in front of people I am coping okay, but inside I’m falling apart. I have no close friends as my family were my life, our daughters are grown up with young children and they are supportive, but I don’t want them to worry about me. I do have brothers and sister but they don’t really bother, rarely been in my house since hubby passed away, recently they had a wee get together for brothers birthday and I wasn’t asked, even though he lives a street away, I went in to see all inside and it was so hurtful, I could hardly keep it together till I got outside the house.
I know it’s early days yet, but I feel my life is over, I talk to my husband all the time and would love for him to show me he is watching over me.
Sorry for a bit of a rant, once I start I can’t stop crying, feel so sad all the time, I miss holding hands, a cuddle, goodnight kiss. Why is life so cruel.


Hiya im chelle, im so so sorry for your losses, I lost my grandads both to cancer in 2002 i was 4 months pregnant with my youngest it was unbearable :cry:, i then lost my nan on the 12/9/22 she was my whole world. im sending you hugs and strength. if ever you want to talk im here. I cry everyday but also i write a journal to my nan it helps i tell her how im feeling and what im up too for the day.

Take care
love chelle xx

Hi Mary Mac . I know exactly how you feel I am the same. I lost my husband of 47 years three years ago . I havent got any friends as we were just so happy being just the two of us. I have 2 sons and a daughter but they all work and have their own lives to live. They think i am ok as I dont want to worry them but I feel so lonely.

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I’m so sorry for your losses. I would be worrying the children if I had some. You need support Sending hugs x

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They are all struggling as well losing there dad and granddad so close together x

It is so hard, to get through each day.

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