Can’t get over it

I lost my darling hubby of 41 years nearly 2 years ago. I thought I was coping ok at one point but I’m not. Back to crying every day & still can’t cope with losing him so suddenly when we we’re getting ready to go shopping. I just wish he’d collapsed outside then I could have started cpr & a defibrillator would have been nearby. Instead he fell in a position I couldn’t not get to him & I can’t bare it I do things out of my comfort zone but everything seems pointless really. I have family & friends around me but I just feel empty

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My husband passed from a sudden heart attack.
I’ve had a tough couple of weeks. His birthday and Christmas making it harder.
I thought I was doing ok but obviously not so.
I still can’t believe he isn’t here, I think I block a lot off it out…… it’s my coping mechanism. Probably not ideal.

I can’t help worrying that every time I have a pain or a niggle something serious is wrong. Personally I’m not fussed if I was to die but I worry that I am on my own and who would look after my dog


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I feel exactly the same as you I couldn’t care less if I die as least I’ll be with Jim , but being on my own who would find me and more importantly who would help my dogs

It’s so hard to cope with isn’t it, sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, I feel so confused, and everything I do I say to myself oh he would have loved this, but I hate using the “wouldhave” terms

I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s hard all the time but seems to be even worse on notable times like birthdays etc.